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Language Courses for Juniors, Teens and Young Adults

We offer Holiday Language Courses for Juniors, Teens and Young Adults.

Our courses are suitable for groups and for individual bookings.


*German and English Courses specially for young learners

*Max. 12 learners per group (for individual bookings)

*Special group offers for learners who travel together

* Accommodation with host families or in youth hostel


*Guided leisure activities with our Juniors and Teens team


Starting dates: 15.04.2019, 05.07.2019


Registration fee: 35€ for individual bookings, 20€ for 3-4 learners, 15€ for 5 learners or more

Parent + child and family programs: contact us for your personal offer

Discount for groups with at least 10 learners and 2 weeks duration


Important information:

Juniors and Teens under the age of 18 must either travel with their parents, a responsible group guide or book or 24/7 care-package to guarantee the supervision round-the-clock.

If the course doesn’t reach the minimum number of participants, that teaching units will be reduced (supervision during the official teaching times is guaranteed).

Groups with less then 6 participants or more then 15 a kindly asked to request a special offer.

Free request for all courses and programs:

please use our contact form: CLICK HERE

Language Courses

Course Description TH per week Learners Course times

Mon. – Fri.

Fees per week
1-3 week(s) 4-9 weeks
Kids 6+ 6-9 years, A1-B2 level 20 12* 09:00 – 12:15 195€ 160€
Kids 10+ 10-12 years, A1-B2 level 20 12* 09:00 – 12:15 195€ 160€
Teens 13+ 13-15 years, A1 – B2 level 20


12* 09:00 – 12:15 195€ 160€
Teens 16+ 16 years and older, A1 – B2 level 20


12* 09:00 – 12:15 195€ 160€


Extras and Packages

Combine our language courses for Juniors, Teens and Young Adults with extras like lunch, daily after class activities and your preferred accommodation to build your own holiday package.


From Monday to Friday we offer lunch for all learners together after the courses:

Extra 1 Week days Time Fees per week
Lunch Mon -Fri 12:30 – 13:30 90€

Leisure Activities

Add a variety of leisure activities to the daily teaching units. (Sports, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Arts, Culture, Music and Technology/Science)

Extra 2 Week days Time Fees per week
Leisure activities Mon -Fri 13:30 – 17:00 99€


On Saturdays we offer day trips to famous destinations around Heidelberg.

Extra 3 Week days Time Fees per activity
Saturday trips and activities Sat. Times will be announced Monday before the activity 15-45€



Choose your type of accommodation:

Accommodation Description Week days Fees per week/day
Host Family Host Family in Heidelberg,

Half board from Mon- Fri.

Full board from

Sat. – Sun.

Sunday – Saturday 289€

per week

Youth hostel Heidelberg youth hostel,

Half board or

Full board


Sunday – Saturday (or on request) From 35€ per day