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W Kurs 1

W Course

For courses in economics and business, as well as sociology, politics and similar

In our W-course you will be prepared for the external assessment check of the priority course W.
The W-course is suitable for all those who are interested in studying in the economic or social science field.
The duration of the course is 10 months.
At the end of the course, you will take part in the external examination of a (specialist) university.
Access requirements:

  • Completed B2 level (proof required by officially recognised language certificate)
  • Secondary school leaving certificate

The W-course of our college is the ideal preparation for the examination. The curricula are coordinated with the Ordinance on the Assessment Examination of the Land of Baden-Württemberg.

In a total of 28 lessons per week ( 1 lesson = 45 minutes) you will be taught German, mathematics, economics and English. The lessons usually take place from Monday to Friday.
After successful application and payment of course fees, you will receive the timetable together with the other documents.

The W-course prepares you for the following courses of study:

  • Economics
  • Business informatics
  • Business Economics
  • Household sciences
  • Housekeeping
  • Social sciences
  • Insurance science
  • Sociology
  • Social education
  • Political science
  • Law
  • Spatial planning
  • Social work
  • Tourism
  • Marketing
Studienkolleg-Course Price
Studienkolleg Course (-W-) / 10 months / incl. all books 5750€


  • German: 8 units per week
  • Mathematics: 6 units per week
  • Economics (VWL): 6 units per week
  • Business English: 6 units per week