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Genius Academy for Education and Languages in Heidelberg is a recognized examination centre for telc exams.

As licensed examination centre we offer the possibility to do the exams for the European Language Certificates of telc at our academy.
With our preparatory courses we provide an intensive exam preparation.
Genius Academy for Education and Languages is an accredited test centre for telc exams.
These exams can be taken directly at our academy. telc exams are standardized. They are offered in the entire EU and are being marked centrally.
We offer telc exams at various levels (A1-C2), for everyone who wants to proof his language knowledge through a standardized and officially recognized exam.
For university applicants, professionals in medicine and health care (doctors, dentist, nurses and care givers) as well as other professionals and academic staff, please read the following information:
telc German Language Exams telc German B2: exam for learners on an upper intermediate level. Participants are able to communicate clearly and with a wide variety in vocabulary. A good knowledge of German grammar is also required. Price: 170€
telc German C1 for university: exam for university applicants or people that want to work in the academic field to proof knowledge in academic German on an advanced level. Participants are able to communicate spontaneously and fluently, as well as they can discuss and understand long, abstract and complex texts.
The certificate is recognized by all German universities. Price: 205€
telc German B1·B2 for health care professionals: exam for professionals in the field of nursing and health care, made for participants seeking employment in Germany. With this exam the participants proof adequate competence in medical German.
The certificate is official recognized. Price: 195€
telc German B2·C1 for doctors: exam for doctors seeking employment in Germany.
This exam is based on the required communication skills in order to communicate with patients and colleagues.
Please check with the institution in charge of your licence to practise medicine if this exam is recognized or not.
Price: 195€ Please note: You should register as early as possible for your exam. For registrations less than 30 days before the exam date we have to charge an extra fee (30€).
Registrations less than 10 days before the exam date are not possible.
We kindly ask you to contact our academy for further information and consulting concerning the telc exams and our preparatory courses.

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