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Our Services

The Key to a Career in Germany

We will support and guide you when planning the steps to take for a qualification in Germany. This includes registering for courses for further training and exams, help with requesting a visa, as well as information regarding entry requirements. We will further support you with seeking approval and we will offer you an array of accommodations to stay at.

Consultation and Information on How to begin with us

If you are interested in signing up, we will first decide about our plan on a complimentary consultation. In this discussion, we will be able to address your qualification steps and clarify personal questions. After this personal consultation, you will receive an offer from us, which you will have to confirm in written form, after which we will send you the official compulsory registration confirmation. If you require a visa before your arrival in Germany, submit this registration confirmation to the German Embassy in your home country. As soon as you have received the entrance visa, please contact us. We will then provide you with a fitting accommodation via our educational institute. When the time and date of your arrival is determined, we will help to organize the transfer to your new accommodation from the airport/station if need be.

Work for Doctors and Caregivers in Germany

After successfully completing our qualification, we will gladly help you in your search of a suitable job, also informing you about job fairs. You can receive help from Genius LSA by compiling a job application portfolio and also preparing for a job interview. Additionally, we will give you important tips regarding cultural practices in Germany.