General Terms and Conditions - German Language Institute

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Scope

The following terms and conditions apply to all contracts concluded between Genius LSA GmbH, Ringstr. 19B – 69115 Heidelberg, Germany (hereinafter referred to as GLSA) and the participant (hereinafter referred to as participant). They refer to the entire range of language courses, all courses for professionally qualified persons as well as to the apartments and rooms (student houses and host families) rented by GLSA.

  1. General Information

Participation in the courses offered by GLSA is open to everyone. If certain admission requirements exist, the participant will be informed in advance. There is no claim to participation in the offered courses. Apartments and rooms can only be rented for the duration of the booked course and in connection with it.

  1. Public holidays, Number of participants, Holiday periods

If lessons are cancelled due to a public holiday, this can be compensated by extending the course. The application must be submitted by 12:00 noon on the Friday of the previous week at the latest. It must be made in writing. If the minimum number of participants (5 persons) is not reached, the booked number of hours will be reduced.

With 3-4 participants the number of hours is reduced by 25%, with 1-2 participants by 50%. In exceptional cases, the maximum number of participants may be exceeded. In this case, the participant can attend a course which corresponds to the category booked by him and which suits his current level.

Holidays: Vacation must be requested in writing. The request must be received by GLSA at least one week before the first day of the holiday. The duration of the course is extended by the period notified in writing. In the intensive courses, a maximum of two holiday weeks per calendar quarter is possible.

Attention: For the rented accommodation an extension application is also required. The application must be submitted in writing together with the holiday application. There is no right to an extension.

  1. Registration and Conclusion of Contract

The participation in the courses and offers as well as the rental of an apartment or room is only possible if the registration form has been filled in by GLSA. The registration form is available both as a print version and digitally on the website ( The participant accepts the General Terms and Conditions with his registration.

GLSA confirms the conclusion of the contract in writing. The confirmation can be made by email, letter or fax.

  1. Payment Conditions

After conclusion of the contract the participant will receive an invoice on which a due date for payment for the booked services is fixed.

Attention: Participation in the course or moving into the booked accommodation is only possible after prior payment.

Payment by instalments is possible if the course lasts longer than 3 months. Payment by instalments must be agreed at the time of booking and confirmed by GLSA. The apartment/room must be paid monthly in advance.

Participants requiring a visa are obliged to comply with the valid regulations of the German Embassy for the payment of a course in Germany in order to obtain a visa.

If the participant defaults on a payment, GLSA will charge a processing fee of 5€ for each reminder. Exceptions to this rule can be made in justified individual cases. The exception must be confirmed in writing by GLSA. We offer the following payment options:

  • Bank transfer,
  • Cash payment,
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Americanexpress),
  • EC-cards and

Bank transfers can be made to the following account:

Recipient: Genius LSA GmbH

IBAN: DE62 3006 0601 0007 2785 04


Bank name: ApoBank

Please wait until you receive an invoice from us before proceeding with the transfer and state the invoice number and the name of the participant as the reason for transfer.

  1. Withdrawal and Termination

Withdrawal from the contract must be made in writing. Receipt by GLSA is decisive for compliance with the deadline.

The notice of termination or withdrawal must be addressed to:

Genius LSA GmbH

Ringstr. 19B

69115 Heidelberg


If the cancellation becomes effective, the following cancellation fees will apply:

  • A deposit of 30% is due within 3 days after receipt of the invoice.
  • With signing the registration the booking is valid and  30% from the bill fee will not be refunded.
  • 31 days or more before course start 50% of the invoice amount.
  • 30 or less days before the start of the course: 100% of the invoice amount.

The following regulations apply to participants requiring a visa who have received an invitation to present their application at the German Embassy:

  • Visa will not be issued: In this case, the invoice fee paid minus all costs incurred by GLSA (e.g. bank charges, postage, etc.) and minus a processing fee of 250€ will be refunded.

Rejection by the embassy must be proven by an official rejection notice.

In addition, the original invitation issued by GLSA must be returned.

  • Visa has already been issued: If a participant has already received the visa, withdrawal/termination is only possible if a document is presented to the German embassy stating that the participant will not enter Germany. If the participant has already arrived, withdrawal/termination is excluded.

For the cancellation of the accommodation, the periods of notice specified for this purpose shall apply.

  • After the start of the course, withdrawal from the contract is not possible even if the visa is not issued.

The participant must apply for a visa at the embassy in good time.

  • Apartments and rooms are subject to special booking cancellation conditions:

4.1)    No start of the course / no move-in: in this case a fee corresponding to 4 weeks rent as well as the handling fee is due.

4.2)   After the start of the course / move-in: in this case a cancellation period of 3 months to the end of the month applies.

Exceptions to this rule must be communicated to the participant by GLSA in writing.

After arrival the participant and GLSA must sign the rental contract.

4.3)    The withdrawal of services of other service providers and institutes booked by GLSA (in particular tests of other licensors) is subject to their regulations. These can be read in the Terms of Participation of the other service providers and institutes.

  • Notices of termination can only be accepted by authorized employees of the administration. Teachers, trainees or employees of other companies who work on the premises of GLSA are expressly not authorised.

The receipt of mail by GLSA is decisive for compliance with the deadline.

Exclusion period:

If the reason for withdrawal or termination dates back more than six weeks, the right to withdrawal and termination is excluded.

  1. Obligations and Services of GLSA

The descriptions on the German and English website and the services shown on the invoice are representative of the scope of the services provided by GLSA in relation to the educational offers and the amenities of the accommodation.

GLSA undertakes to adhere to any existing guidelines and specifications necessary to enable participants to achieve their educational goals. The (language) courses offered by GLSA are continuing education courses for professional, academic and school purposes. They serve as preparation for recognised language certificates.

The bases for the lessons are the contents of the course offer valid at the time of conclusion of the contract. We reserve the right to make changes in principle, but may neither influence nor change the course objective.

In the event that significant changes are necessary before or after the start of the course, the participant will be notified of these in writing.

The change of course leader is expressly excluded from this, as this does not represent a significant change. Attendance certificates and language certificates will only be sent to the participant if all invoices have been paid or all instalments due up to that point in time have been paid in full. Attendance certificates and language certificates can only be issued for services actually rendered.

Language courses are differentiated according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

We offer courses at the following levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. When registering, the participant must inform GLSA of his/her language level.

This information does not entitle the participant to be placed in a course at this or the next higher level. GLSA reserves the right to carry out a placement test to check the language level and to assign the participant to a course suitable for him/her.

  1. Privacy Policy

I agree that my data from the contact form are raised and processed to reply to my inquiry.

The data will be deleted after your request has been processed.

Note: You can revoke your consent for further use at any time by sending an e-mail to Detailed information on the handling of user data can be found on our website

  1. Obligations of the Participant

Upon conclusion of the contract, the participant undertakes to comply with the following obligations and guidelines:

All necessary documents and records, which are necessary for checking the admission requirements for a course or exam, must be made available to GLSA in a timely and complete manner.

This is usually done together with the registration. Exceptions must be made in writing. The house rules of the school or the rented accommodation must be strictly observed and adhered to.

The staff and teachers are requested to discuss the house rules with the participants and to demand their observance. Violations of the house rules can lead to exclusion from lessons and cancellation of the rental of the apartment or room.

The participant acquires all the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the course objective.

The participant must attend classes and examinations on a regular basis. He is obliged to arrive on time and to actively participate in the lessons.

Disturbances must be avoided at all costs. In the event of illness, the participant should inform the school that he/she is ill and when he/she is likely to be able to attend classes again.

By signing the contract, the participant undertakes to comply with the above points.

GLSA reserves the right to claim damages if the above points are violated.

In case of intentional or grossly negligent violation of the points mentioned in point 9, GLSA has the right to temporarily or permanently exclude the participant from the course or to terminate the rental contract.

GLSA has the unilateral right to terminate the contract if the participant does not meet his payment obligations on time, disturbs the lessons, has too many days absent (according to the guidelines of the foreigners authority) or violates the house rules of the school or the accommodation.

If GLSA terminates the contract, all outstanding invoices must be paid immediately. A refund of already paid fees and rents is not possible until the time of the self-inflicted cancellation. The participant must also pay the fees and rents that are due by the next possible regular cancellation date.

  1. Others

GLSA accepts no liability for damages incurred by the participant in connection with the participation in the courses or through the conclusion of the contract.

Cancellation, postponement or discontinuation of a course due to a shortfall in the minimum number of participants will not lead to a claim for compensation from the participant.

Damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health due to a negligent or intentional breach of duty by GLSA or its legal representative or vicarious agent are excluded from the aforementioned regulation.

In this case already paid fees will be refunded. If essential contractual obligations are affected, GLSA’s liability is limited to the foreseeable, contract-typical damage. Essential contractual obligations can be defined as those obligations which arise from the contract and the breach of which endangers the fulfilment of the purpose of the contract. Furthermore, these include obligations which the contract imposes on GLSA by its content and which are necessary to enable the proper execution of the contract and which the participant must be able to rely on.

After course start (starting date printed on the invoice) termination of the course (and other services, as well as the accommodation) is only possible in cases specified in law. The right to an extraordinary termination of course, service and accommodation is not effected by this rule. The reason for extraordinary termination must be proofen by the participant.

In case the participant is not participating the course, the full course fees must be paid after course start.

  1. Collateral Agreements / Severability Clause
  • Amendments to the contract and collateral agreements must be made in writing in order to be effective. The same shall also apply to the waiver of the written form requirement.
  • Should individual provisions of this contract be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining agreements. The parties undertake to replace the ineffective or invalidated clause with a provision that comes as close as possible to the previous provision according to the parties’ ideas and economic business principles.

12.Data security and privacy

We proceed according to the legal regulations in all processes of data processing (for example, collection, processing, transmission). Your data, which are necessary for the business transaction, are stored. For credit checks and credit checks, we can send and inquire about the exclusion of transmission / use, credit and address data to the SCHUFA 65203 Wiesbaden for bookings to the extent permitted by law and taking into account your respective interests worthy of protection.

In the case of installment payment agreements, we use address data in addition to other credit data. Thus, in individual cases, the risk of payment default can be estimated.

As a provider of non-secure payment methods (eg, installment payments), companies have a vested interest in preventing and preventing defaults. By verifying the creditworthiness of the customer before granting the possibility of using an insecure payment method, the risk of payment default can be estimated. Within the scope of this review, Genius LSA GmbH is entitled to use specially collected, negative credit information on the customer.

Credit information is information about outstanding claims and information that may result in a risk of default (debt advice, insolvency proceedings, deferral due to insolvency). Before the Genius LSA GmbH stores negative information about outstanding claims for payment, the customer is informed of the possibility of transmission by a reminder.

In addition, Genius LSA GmbH can collect and process address and booking data and use it for its own marketing purposes. For external marketing purposes, Genius LSA GmbH will only pass on data for which it is legally permitted to publish generally published and certain data summarized in lists pursuant to Section 28 (3) No. 3 a.F. and § 47 No. 2 n.F. Federal Data Protection Act and gem. Section 28 (3) S.2 and S.4 n.F. Federal Data Protection Act).

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