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Genius LSA Accommodations in Heidelberg

Just like with our courses and the different services we offer, there is one thing we pay attention to when it comes to accommodation: QUALITY.

We want our customers to feel good all around. That is why we value the right mixture of privacy and togetherness when it comes to accommodation.

Our longstanding experience has shown that a large number of students prefer having their own bathroom and opportunity to cook as opposed to shared community rooms. However, most students do not want to refrain from a sense of community and the proximity to their classmates when away from home completely.

A further aspect, which we considered when choosing our rooms, is the proximity to the school, but also to the inner city and shopping opportunities when it comes to daily needs.

We decided to use fully equipped rooms with our accommodations, in which students can feel at home during their stay, while also being able to study and find a place to rest.

Our rooms are located in a building complex, which was designed especially for students, those beginning their careers and young scientists, which is not far away from the Heidelberg main station as well as two further stations (that can also take you to other nearby cities).

From here, the Genius LSA school, grocery stores, the inner city or the nearby Mannheim can be reached quickly by bus or tram. It’s possible to cover most of these distances by foot or by bicycle.

There are also washing and drying opportunities directly inside the building, which enables the students not to have to walk to a laundromat.

Campus Bahnhstadt

Our studio apartments in the student housing area are located in the newest district of Heidelberg, „Bahntstadt“.

The campus is not only a short distance away from school, which can be covered by foot, the students that live here can also profit from the following aspects:

  • The apartments are fully furnished, modern and comfortable.
  • suitable for 1 or 2 people (according to apartment category)
  • community rooms with televisions, billiard table and opportunities for physical activity
  • community events on a regular basis
  • internet access included

Flat Share

In a room in our shared apartments, you will live together with another student of our institute.

You have the choice: separate room or double room? We have the perfect solution for everyone. Kitchen and bathroom are shared here, the own room offers privacy and options to withdraw.

Experience the advantages of a flat share and form a friendship for life.

All rooms are furnished beautifully and in a modern way and you will find everything needed for cooking and everyday life in the community rooms.

You can reach the school unproblematically within a short time using public transport or a bicycle.

Host Family

A host family not only offers a comfortable room, which – according to category – you can have for yourself or share with another student, but also the advantage of essentially being part of a family from Heidelberg or its surrounding area.

You can profit from shared hours with you host family, which also enables you to train and improve your communication skills almost simultaneously or enjoy the comfort of a shared breakfast or dinner if you want.

Apartments and Halls of Residence

Host family